Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 Update

Hey Everyone,
I'm still planning on relaunching "Flight" again on Kickstarter but not when I had originally planned. Obviously, it's past February now and I intended on having it already up but real life is back in the way again, putting the film temporarily on the back-burner. Reason being is I've recently started a full time job and am committed to a freelance gig on the weekends until the end of May. However, this early summer, you will for sure see it back up and ready for backing. By then, I also plan on having more finished shot content to share and have a new video pitch to help viewers better understand the process of traditional animation and why this project is relevant.

Anywho, see you guys soon! And I'm looking forward to turning my full attention back to "Fight's" completion.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Last Day for Kickstarter

Hello All,
Today is the last day for Flight on Kickstarter and unfortunately, we are only halfway to the goal. I know I have expressed this before but I want to thank those who have contributed so far and for any other support I’ve received during the duration of the pledging. I am more than flattered to see how far I was able to come in just thirty days and that’s enough drive to keep me moving forward with Flight’s progress.
Though the goal may not be reached during this first try, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a second. However, I plan on saving the re-launch until mid February 2013. I think it’s important for me to get more done on the film and have some polished shots to share with viewers; allowing them have a better understanding of the project. Not to mention, the holidays are just around the corner, which can make for a strenuous time on the wallet. 
I plan on continuing to update the film’s progress here on the production blog so please feel free to check in from time-to-time. 
Looking forward to launching again!

Monday, October 1, 2012

"Meet the Animator" is Live

Hello everyone,
Right now I am hosting a live video chat (7pm EST) for Flight here on Kickstarter. Feel free to ask any comments, questions, and/or topics that you would like to discuss. Below is the URL on where to meet me. The chat will be over at 8pm EST so hurry in:
For those who have been waiting, I am so sorry that I did not post the URL sooner. There were some technical issues with the WIFI but now everything is a go.

See you soon,

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meet the Animator

Hello everyone!

Next Monday (October first at 7:00pm EST) I will be hosting a live video chat for all those who are interested. The main focus of conversation will be in regards to Flight; what work is left, how the project will be tackled, and what will happen once the film reaches completion. Also, any other topics, questions, and/or comments that you would like to address are more than welcome. Sunday evening I will post the hosting url along with any other updates regarding the project right here on the blo so stay tuned.

Thanks everyone for your time and I am looking forward to meeting some of you next week!

Flight- Animated Short on Kickstarter



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crunch Time

Hey guys! Only two weeks left for my film on Kickstarter and have a video update regarding the progress so far. Please take the time to check it out and visit Flight's pledge page linked below.

Thank you!

Flight - Animated Short on Kickstarter


Monday, September 17, 2012

Flight - Kickstarter Week #1

Hey guys! It's been a full week since the launch of Flight on Kickstarter and it's already 18% funded. Woo! Again, thanks to all those who have pledged so far and those who have helped spread the word. I cannot express how appreciative I am for what you have done. I'm insanely thrilled to see it doing as well as it has in such a short amount of time. 

As a side note- Kickstarter's policy is that any funds that have been donated so far will not be released unless the entire goal has been reached. However, if the goal is not reached by October 11th, no one will be charged for their pledge they have submitted and Flight will not receive any sort of funding.

Please, to those who haven't already, I would LOVE you forever if you would help me spread the word and promote the project to as many people as you can. This film is so very relevant to me and would open so many doors and opportunities if it were to be completed. I would also take sincere pleasure in sharing this piece with different audiences and having the financial ability to be able to help those who have helped me so much with the film thus far.

Thanks everyone again for their consideration and cross your fingers!

Flight - Animated Short on Kickstarter


Friday, September 14, 2012

Off to a Good Start

Yaaaaaaay! Thank you so much everyone who has pledged so far on Kickstarter. I am insanely grateful to have your support. I'm working hard to keep spreading the word about the film and trying to get as many backers as I can. Flight still has a bit of time left but I don't want the project to grow too stagnant

For now, here is Emma and Raven giving their thanks as well: