Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What's up?

It's been a minute since I've posted so I thought I'd better give an update on the production of the film so far. Recently, I recorded some video content for the Kickstarter launch. What's left for me to do is edit the video footage and prepare the presentation. Now that the Motor City Con is out of the way, along with a few other projects, I actually have some free time to focus on the film.

Like mentioned before, 80-90% of the animation is roughed out- those that are done still need to be tied down and cleaned up. Not sure about the coloring on the film yet (if there will be any at all). I plan on finishing up a small shot sometime in the next couple of weeks to do a color test with. My background artist is no more so I will be finishing them off myself. Music is currently being reworked by my friend Mike Brooks. Originally, I had Rachael Milobar compose a track through Garage Band but felt it needed more of a human touch. Other than that, the promotional poster is done and the package will be figured out once the film gets further along.

Currently, I am editing the character concept sheet a bit since my style has changed some. It shouldn't be an issue with the already roughed animation since tie down hasn't happened yet. This week, I will also be ordering the iPevo to use at home as a down-shooter through iStop Motion.

Things are happening! It's just taking some time to get the ball rolling but once it happens, it's going to take off.


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